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Senior Move Management

KC Design offers Transition and Downsizing Services, creating a single point of contact providing for a seamless move in establishing your new home.

We understand the Emotions, Stress and Overwhelming feelings of a sudden or planned move, or having to adjust for aging in place, and our goal is to alleviate the burdens associated with this, we are now your “go to” person.

KC Design currently services 8 CCRC communities in New Jersey; we have the Knowledge, Experience, Compassion, and Contacts within these Communities to Insure a Safe and Smooth Transition.

Exterior Power Washing

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This is a portable extraction system, not a negative air system (meaning we DO NOT cut holes into your ducts), our brushes will safely and thoroughly clean your vent system.

We have cameras that will travel thru your air ducts and allow us to inspect and show the condition of your system before and after.

We will remove and STEAM CLEAN your vent covers.
Then we will feed the Rotobrush system through your air ducts, and extract the contaminants thru a double HEPA SYSTEM FILTER AND CONTAIN IT IN A HEPA COLLECTION BAG. We will then sanitize your system with an antimicrobial cleaning mist. We also change your air filter.

Any type of exterior gets dingy over time, but our power washing service can quickly restore your home to its former beauty.

We remove dirt, atmospheric pollution, mold, mildew, gum, graffiti, stains and more from your home or business, including patios and walkways. We clean all surfaces including wood, vinyl, concrete, and more.


On-Site Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing

KC Design / Alysson in Windowland offers Wet and Dry Solvent Cleaning, for any and all Fabric Window Treatments and Shades. We also clean wall to wall carpeting, upholstery and area rugs.

Wet Detergent cleaning is available for Any Treatment that will accept a water based detergent without damaging or shrinking the fabric or lining. This is also available for Upholstery and Area rugs.

Dry Cleaning (Non Water Based Solvent) cleaning is available for any window treatment, Upholstery or Area Rug that will not accept a wet cleaning.

Our cleaning service can be done right in your home with no or limited removal, it is usually a more thorough process if we can take them down and clean them in your home and immediately rehang them.

We also offer full removal, cleaning, storage and rehang service if you are having work or painting done in your home.

Our machinery is based on an injection/extraction method and therefore does not agitate the fabric, therefore we can clean even the most delicate fabrics.
We can also Clean Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades, Duettes Shades, Luminettes, Vignettes and other comparable shading treatments.

We can also clean Upholstered Walls.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Summary of Services Provided

  • A free in home consultation to evaluate and determine your needs (Within a 65 mile radius from our location)
  • Develop and execute a plan for your transition
  • Prepare your current home for sale.
  •  Including cleaning, updating, staging, repairs, painting.
  • Organize and sort personal items, furniture, clothing, to be kept/ distributed/ donated /disposed
  • Arrange for Movers
  • Arrange for short term / long term Storage ( we have discounted rates from our Storage Facilities)
  • Prepare a detailed floor plan for your new home
  • Packing of all or selected items
  • Conducting an Estate sale if desired
  • De-cluttering and Whole House Cleanouts
  • Supervise Movers the day of, then Unpack, set up and organize your new home
  • Dispose of all Moving Boxes, and materials
  • Run errands, pick up prescriptions etc.
  • We will do as much or as little as you desire.
  • This is a summary list, if something special is required please just ask

Home Services

KC Design provides grout and tile cleaning, as well as sealing and re-coloring.

  • CHEMICAL FREE: our steamer allows to obtain temperatures of 330 degrees and 100psi.
  • CLEANS & SANITIZES: we will then clean and sanitize your tile and grout.
  • SEALING: after a thorough steam cleaning, we will apply a clear seal to your grout.
  • RE-COLORING: we can also recolor your grout to any of 89 color choices, which also seals it in the same process.
  • CALL TODAY: for an in home demonstration and estimate 732-741-7717